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Carefree Coffee Roastery is a “European Style” coffee shop where you will experience superior coffee and tea served in a welcoming and relaxed environment. Carefree Coffee Roastery offers a variety of coffee drinks, teas, breakfast items and pastries, sure to excite any palate. Select a specialty coffee and freshly baked pastry or tantalize your taste buds with a delicious waffle and fresh fruit with real maple syrup or honey. If a croissant filled with delicious meats or cheeses or vegan Modern Oats are your pleasure, Carefree Coffee Roastery is the place to go!

Carefree Coffee Roastery boasts the attention to detail, which is reflected in the taste of the coffee. All coffee beans purchased are “specialty”, meaning the coffee has less defects and better flavor profiles. Also all coffee beans are roasted in-house guaranteeing a smooth full flavor without the bitterness or burnt taste.

Owners Lars Hesse and Uta Schmidt believe that a true coffee experience is in the details, from the selection of superior quality coffee beans and flavorful teas, to the welcoming and relaxed environment of the coffee shop.

The traditional craft or micro-roasting has been done for centuries. We at Carefree Coffee Roastery drum-micro roast all out noble green beans in order to develop their fullest flavor. This process eliminates the high acidity natural to coffee beans by controlling the roasting temperature and length of time in the roaster. The results are a perfect, rich and flavorful cup of coffee with a wonderful aroma. Our Roast Master Lars Hesse is a certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and the International Barista and Coffee Academy (IBCA). His depth of knowledge, along with many years of study and experience, brings you his finest coffee you will ever drink. His enthusiasm and passion for his product is found in every cup.


Carefree Coffee Roastery Blends Drink


The best variety of a few different, carefully chosen beans to make the coffee flavor as complex as possible. Accomplishing a smooth, well rounded taste. Carefully crafted blends prepared by an experienced, qualified roast master.

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Carefree Coffee Roastery Single Origin Drink

Single Origin

All the beans come from one geographical location or one specific farm. The unique flavors reflect the geographic origin of the bean harvested. If you are a coffee purist come enjoy one of our many single origin flavors from around the globe.

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Carefree Coffee Roastery Organic Coffee


Our certified organic beans come from environment conscious farmers that follow strict guidelines to produce great organic coffee. From the ecosystem to the land quality, the coffee production maintains a high regard for the environment and future harvests.

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Carefree Coffee Roastery Decaf Coffee


This choice is offered to our coffee connoisseurs that like the taste of coffee without the jolt. We give our decaf the same care and produce the same great taste as regular coffee.

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Trip Advisor

I love going to Carefree Coffee to get a coffee to perk me up or a bag of beans to take home - or both! Ute and Lars have created a pleasant cafe where you can select from a large variety of coffees from around the world. Lars in particular knows how to roast to get the most from each bean, so ask his advice on what coffee will suit your taste buds best - he's just roasted everything right there in the store so you know he knows what he is doing!



The cultural hub of Carefree!! Best coffee east of Maui. Lars and Uta are the warmest friendliest people you will ever meet. Lars must have a PHD in coffee roasting it is that good. The eclectic mix of customers that hang out will welcome anyone and everyone. Stop in for the best coffee ever.

Gary S.

Trip Advisor

Great addition to the quaint town of Carefree. The coffee is superb, they really know their stuff. Fast wifi, pleasant and efficient service, a nice selection of baked goods, amazing coffees and teas, both to drink and in the bag. Decor is modern and impeccably clean. Well worth becoming your regular goto coffee place 🙂



LoVe, love, LOVE it!
Excellent Fresh Roasted coffee with delicious cacao notes. Divine! Very kind owner who knows his espresso. We are from Portland, coffee Mecca, and rarely find good coffee/espresso on the road. He also presents many, fresh baked, tempting Italian treats in beautiful jars right on the counter making them impossible to resist! His sparking clean shop is most inviting. We will return money times as we are in Carefree& Cave Creek frequently!

Linda J.


Stopped in yesterday on our way back down to Phoenix after a weekend at Carefree Resort. The owner was there and took the time to explain the coffee selection and let us sample the cold brew, which we ended up ordering. It was delicious! Flavorful, not bitter, yet packed a caffeine punch to get us through the day. I got the impression that if we had more time to spend, we could learn a lot about roasting beans and the different types of coffee available.

Friendly service, great coffee - this would definitely be a favorite if we lived in Cave Creek. We'll be back!

Kara S.


While waiting to have taxes done, we found this little gem of a coffee shop. The coffee and iced tea were excellent. Service was outstanding and this place is dog friendly! Although,we just had beverages, the snack menu was very tempting. The price point was outstanding and we will be back.

Chris B.

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